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19 October 2012

Fall Eat from the Pantry Challenge.

Eat from the Pantry Fall Challenge

Some of you may remember my eat from the pantry challenge in January.  It's a way to use up all the deals you've purchased, as well as a great way to save some cash. 

Tracey from Building my House will be joining me on this challenge.  No better time to clear out the freezers for the sale turkeys and hams I'm hoping to get as well as save some cash to put toward Christmas gifts. 

Here are my goals for the next four weeks:
  • Free up two shelves in my freezer
  • Go to the grocery store no more than three times this month.
  • Attempt to limit my purchases to produce, dairy, and eggs.
  • Allow myself to stock up within budget on any sale/coupon match ups.
  • Limit my grocery/household budget to $40 per week.
I'm going to use my remaining grocery money to hopefully finish buying my remaining Christmas gifts.

The challenge begins on Monday, October 22nd and will continue until November 16th.  That should be enough time to make a dent in the freezer and still have plenty of time to plan Thanksgiving dinner. 

I'll be updating you on Friday's to let you know about my shopping trips, victories, failures and any mental breakdowns I might be having. 

Interested in joining me?  Just link up below.

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