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10 October 2012

Birthday party time.

Why are kids birthday parties so expensive?


Josiah wanted to go to Valley Worlds of Fun for his birthday this year.  Seems fair.  Josh had a fishing party, John had just grandparents and a trip to the zoo.  So what's the big deal, right? 

The big deal is that we are breeders.  Between my brother and my brother in law, there are ten kids.  That's before adding on any friends.  At $12.50 per kid, plus a $50 room fee, plus food - yikers!  Josh's party was completely done for under $75 and we have a membership to the zoo - no extra charge for the trip and we packed our lunch.  Just the cost of gas.

Don't get me wrong.  It would be a great party.  The boys love going there.  But I would prefer not taking out a second mortgage for a birthday party. 

Instead, I've come up with a great solution that I think will be just as much fun. 

A bonfire!

His birthday is in mid-October.  Perfect bonfire weather. 

My plan is to make a big batch of chili, served with all the fixins' (sour cream, cheese, green onion) and cornbread muffins.  Add to that campfire cupcakes courtesy of Pinterest and of course, roasting marshmallows over the fire.  Drinks will be tea, Kool Aid, and coffee. 

Games will pretty much take care of themselves.  We have a big swing set, a trampoline, and two great climbing trees.  I'm going to hang my solar lanterns in the trees for some lighting.  Once it's dark I'm going to break out the glow sticks and flashlights for a game of flashlight tag.  My mother in law reminded me of the year we covered the clothesline with giant tarps and made a "superhero lair".  I'm going to do it again and line the top with glow sticks to make an awesome tunnel.

I'm fairly sure I can pull this off for under $50 for about 35 people (kids & parents).

That's better.

If you have an idea for a great (inexpensive) kids party, comment below.  I'd love to hear about it.


Lori said...

Since we are going to Disney in January (and all our birthdays fall between October and February)I told the kids that we weren't having parties this year. However, I had a change of heart and am letting them each have a few friends over for a sleepover. JR's is in a week and we are doing the fire thing as well....plus pizza and movies. I wasn't going to decorate, but I saw a bunch of 97 cent camo decorations at walmart that I couldn't pass up. Have fun!

Jennifer said...

The Valley Worlds of Fun parties aren't really as fun as they seem they will be, either. The kid are all spread out. Hardly anyone actually gets more than a passing glance at the birthday boy, except at cake and present time. Someone usually gets their feelings hurt because the birthday boy isn't riding with them. And it is difficult to corral everyone back in for the party festivities. I think a bonfire party sounds like a lot more fun and much better memories made. Have fun!

Charli said...

Jennifer, I totally agree with you! We've been to VWOF parties and I always tell Ronnie that same thing. I end up not getting to talk to anyone because they're spread out chasing kids. I think the bonfire will be fun for all of us.