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26 October 2012

Eat from the Pantry: Week one update.

Well, I've almost got one week down.  So far, so good.

Here's what I've made this week:

Breakfast:  Cocoa wheats x 2, oatmeal, eggs & fried potatoes
Lunch:  Veggie tray & baked potatoes, chicken salad, leftovers, PB&J.
Snacks:  Veggies & dip, apples, animal crackers, and popcorn
Dinners:  I stayed on my menu plan.

And here's what I've purchased at Walmart:
2 dozen eggs
2 loaves bread
2 gallons of milk
1 iron - my iron broke.
Total spent: $16.82

We also ate breakfast out as a family on Wednesday.  We went to Bob Evans and used my BOGO coupon, combined with a Birthday meal coupon.  With drinks and tip our bill was $25.68. 

My total spent for this week is $42.50.  Over by $2.50.  Still, not bad considering I had to get an iron.  I guess technically the iron doesn't count, but since the goal was to move grocery/household money to my Christmas money envelope, it kinda does count.  I mean, it is still less money I have to move over.  Still a pretty great start to the challenge. 

In the interest of total disclosure, I did have another unexpected trip to Walmart on Thursday.  Ronnie is taking the boys hunting Saturday and they needed new blaze orange gear and snacks, of course.  We actually have a "hunting" envelope for these things.  I'm not counting it because it was money already set aside for this purpose. 

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1 comment:

Rachel E. said...

I think that's a great job done. I wish I could get through the week with that little!