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09 November 2012

Eat from the Pantry Challenge: Week 3 update.

Week three has gone better. 
I'm within budget AND I haven't eaten out all week.  Wait, that's not entirely true.  I did order wings for lunch at work on Tuesday.  And they were pretty great.
I took my mom for her first trip to Aldi's.  She was surprised at how clean it was and also by her total when she checked out.  I was too busy showing her stuff we use and like and amazingly enough ended up with three boxes of sugary cereal when I got home.  Those boys are like ninjas sometimes.
We've stayed to the menu plan this week.  I've made oatmeal, cocoa wheats and eggs for breakfast and sandwiches and leftovers for lunch.  I also made my pudding chip cookies and some banana bread for snacks. 
We're having a Pastor's appreciate dinner after church on Sunday evening and it turns out, I don't have to run to the store to pick anything up.  I have pantry goodies to use.
I have finally freed up some room in my big freezer.  Which is good since I picked up my last batch of chickens this week.  I cut these final ten whole chickens in to parts.  I froze the breast and wings and canned the remaining parts.  I'm hoping to have time this weekend to cook all the saved carcasses I have in the freezer and make, then can some chicken stock.  Once again, not a hard task, just time consuming.
This week has been a pantry challenge success.  I'm going to pick up a couple of gift cards for Christmas with my leftover grocery money.  Yeah me! 
Check in with Tracey and see how she's holding up with one week to go.

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