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14 November 2012

I have a question for you.

I know.  Normally you have the pleasure of reading all about my foolishness and folly, but today I have a question for you.

I've recently read a great little e-book called Untangling Christmas: Your Go-To Guide For A Stress-Free Holiday by Karen Ehman and LeeAnn Rice.  I've already taken some of their suggestions to simplify the season. 

One of the things they talk about is simplifying our activities.  Ask yourself, what are your must do's for this season.  The events you just don't want to give up because they are traditions you enjoy.

I ended up with only four "must haves" and one "I'd like to".

1. Time with family at Christmas
2.  Christmas program at church.
3.  Driving around town seeing the lights and drinking cocoa.
4.  Family Bible reading of the Christmas story before bed on Christmas Eve.
5.  And I'd like to find a live nativity to take the boys to this year.

The problem for me is that my list of want to's goes on forever.  Obviously we'll end up doing more than just these four things, but the point is to actually enjoy my family and friends this season instead of being stressed out about having one more thing to do.  Let's face it, celebrating Jesus birth should involve more than me looking forward to January so life can slow down. 

So my question to you today is what are your must have traditions?  


Maria said...

I was reading in Money Saving Moms book, and some things I would like to do is candlelight dinner with Adam to Christmas music, bake cookies for neighbors with kids, go shop with kids for other siblings, makes snowman as a family, then end it with hot cocoa and Christmas movies with only the tree on. She suggests marking them on ur calendar too so u don't forget the things u want to do during this busy season. ;)

Rachel E. said...

This year is the start of some new traditions for us. I guess only then will they become traditions, right?

We are trying to cut back on the commercialization of Christmas and focus on the real meaning of it. Since we are part Dutch, we decided to do our stockings on St. Nicks Day. Each person has another person's stocking to put items in. Then, we are focusing more on the needy for Christmas then we are on each other. The kids are buying gifts for everyone. We are buying or making a gift for everyone. Costs will be scaled down tremendously.

We have a tradition of doing Advent as well. This year, I intend to use the Jesse Tree idea - if I ever get my act together.

Megan@DoNotDisturb said...

1. Christmas Eve service is a must for our family. 2. Baking something for our neighbors each year. 3. Last year we did the Jesse Tree but I think I will have a different daily spiritual focus this year. 4. Always do a different activity each day of December. 5. This year I am going to focus more on teaching the girls some traditional carols they don't already know

Lori said...

Since I have to share Alec with his dad...we have had to get inventive with some traditions. If it's a year that he wakes up at his dad's on Christmas morning, then "Santa" (Rebekah still believes) stops by our house Christmas eve morning so we can open gifts as a family. We also pray and sing "Happy Birthday" to Jesus before opening anything. Regardless of the tradition, as long as we are together doing things as a family, it is important to me. Christmas doesn't usually stress me out. I never remember the things I got as a kid. What stuck with me was being with family and the feeling of the season....and I still feel it at 31.

Charli said...

Great ideas. Boy, I'm glad I asked.