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16 November 2012

Adios Pantry Challenge!

Today wraps up my pantry challenge.  I have to say, with the exception of blowing it when the storm hit, it really wasn't that hard.

I was just telling my mom this week that it's nice to build up a little stockpile because then your grocery money can be spent less on things you need right now and more on buying things when they're priced at their lowest and using them in the future.  I don't have to spend all my grocery budget on items that I'll use this week.  I can use a portion of it to stock up on sale prices and save money.

I basically reached my goals on this challenge.  I was able to purchase/make all but six gifts for Christmas and I made enough room in my freezer to stock up on a couple hams or turkeys if they go on sale at a price I'm willing to pay. 

Another thing I've learned, well more remembered, is how much my family enjoys my baking - especially Ronnie.  I need to bake for him more often.  It makes him feel loved, warms up the kitchen and makes the house smell great.  All this and it's cheaper and slightly healthier than store bought treats.  Well, maybe not healthier.  Just less preservatives. 

So basically hooray, woohoo, yippee!  I'm done. 

Don't forget to check out Tracey at Building My House and see how she's wrapping things up.

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