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17 November 2012

Making your home a haven: Week 3.

Turns out, lighting a candle and playing soft music really does help create a peaceful environment.  In my house, it makes all the kids play upstairs away from my music.  Peaceful for me at least.

This week we'll be focusing on the kitchen, the heart of your home.  Focus on making meals that show love to your family.  Bake something with a great aroma.  I'm planning on making homemade rolls and brownies. 

We're also going to focus on being thankful for the home we are blessed with and being content where we are.  Make a haven with what you have now.  I will admit that I struggle with this one.  I love my little old house, but many times when I go over to a friend's home that is newer or has more than one bathroom, I can start feeling like my home isn't good enough.  Yes, our home is very old.  Yes, it only has one tiny bathroom and not enough bedrooms.  But we are blessed with a home to raise our family in and make memories.  It's important to remember what we have, not what we lack.

Now go make some brownies and be thankful!  And don't forget to keep your candle and music going.


Rachel E. said...

It is always important to be thankful for the home you have. Regardless of size. I look at it like this: There is always worse.

Charli said...

True Rachel. So true.