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19 November 2012

Menu Plan Monday for November 19th.

Happy Thanksgiving Week.

We're taking this week off school and just hanging out enjoying Dad being here....well, when he's not in the woods.  My husband is an awesome hunter and I'm planning on at least one meal this week of fresh venison tenderloin.  I've left the canner out just waiting for this week.  We started canning our deer last year and it works great.  We process some as burger and the rest we cube.  I am not the biggest fan of venison, but canning it does seem to take the gamey flavor out of it.  Is gamey a word?  Oh well, you know what I mean.

This week is simple.  I don't even have Thanksgiving dinner to fix.  We'll be going to the nursing home on Thursday to eat with my Grandma.  She didn't remember me last week when I stopped by, but she was having a really bad day.  Hopefully this week will be a little better. 

I'm also going to head out on Black Friday.  I know it's crazy, especially since I'm almost done for Christmas.  It's better to go when you don't have to have a certain item.  I use it to pick up birthday gifts for the nieces and nephews for the coming year.  Also, it's a tradition.  My mom and I have gone every year for forever. 

Here's this week's menu plan:

Monday:  Ham, scalloped potatoes and green beans.
Tuesday:  Turkey noodle soup and rolls
Wednesday:  Farmer's omelet and biscuits.
Thursday:  Venison, baked potatoes and green beans.
Friday:  Slow cooker cheesy chicken and rice
Saturday: Loaded pinto beans and peaches
Sunday:  Leftovers

I'm on call Thursday through Monday so I'm trying to keep it simple.  I know it probably seems odd to fix venison on Thanksgiving, but remember that lunch at the nursing home that day will make our third Thanksgiving dinner in the past three weeks.  We're good on turkey dinner with all the trimmings.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving and enjoy your family and friends!

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Marsha said...

I think venison on Thanksgiving is awesome - just like the Pilgrims. Hope you have a good week!

Charli said...

That's a good way to look at it. We're just having a first Thanksgiving celebration. Haha!

Rachel E. said...

I have never had venison. So many people hunt and eat it...my hubby used to before he met me. Not sure why he doesn't hunt now.

Charli said...

It's not bad and it's super lean. I'm not one to just make a big old deer burger, but ground deer mixed into chili, taco's or sloppy joes - something with seasoning - isn't noticeable from ground beef. The best part is the tenderloin. Soo good. You need sweet talk you hubs into going out at least once so you can try it.

Bethany Mitchell said...

You know I haven't had venison in so long, I would gladly take that over turkey any day=)