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02 January 2013

A pantry challenge....again.

I know.  I just did this in October. 

I really wasn't that successful then so I'm going to try again.

This time I'm joining up with Jessica at good (cheap) eats  as we try to "waste not, want not". 

Here's my goals for this time:

1.  Limit my grocery bill to $200 for January 2013.  This is going to include my groceries, toiletries, dog food....everything.  I know it's tight, but that's why it's called a challenge, right?

2.  Eat out only once in January.  OK, I'm really hoping to not eat out at all in January, but I'm trying to be realistic here.  We do budget for eating out, so that won't come out of my $200 grocery money.  I am however going to avoid the drive thru this month. 

3.  Save $100 for my chicken fund.  That's right.  Ronnie has finally wore me down about getting chickens.  Let's face it, he always gets his way eventually (goats? bees?).

4.  Save $100 towards the livestock auction.  We're considering buying two calves at auction this year and selling one to cover the cost of some of our beef.  Good in theory, until you realize it's big money up front.  We already have quite a bit saved for this project.  I'd just like to add a little to it. 

5.  Focus on hospitality.  I am going to have someone over to eat at our home, whether they like it or not!  OK.  That's a little aggressive.  I have gotten into the bad habit of being a bit of a hermit.  I'd like to have a game night with some friends and use what I have in the freezer or pantry to feed everyone. 

6.  Be transparent in my spending this month.  Last time I was able to blame hunting season and an unexpected snow storm for over spending.  This time I'm going to be hard core.  If I spend it - you'll know about it. 

7.  Start couponing and price matching again.  It really does save me money.  I just kinda got out of the habit, I guess. 

8.  Teach the boys two new recipes a week.  I started out the school year teaching them to cook using Cooking 101 for Kids by Lynn's Kitchen Adventures, but I keep pushing it to the back burner.  My plan was to do one recipe every two weeks......and so far I've done exactly one recipe.  No better time to play catch up than during a pantry challenge when I won't be buying extras. 

That's all.  And that's enough! 

Check in later this week to see how I'm doing.  The first week is always easy....


Rachel E. said...

It sounds amazing! I am so happy for you. I can't wait to hear of the day when you announce your little chicks have arrived. :) Anyway, we are at 14 weeks with our little chicks and they are getting so big. We can't wait to start getting fresh eggs. By the end of this month we are going to start checking for eggs.

I can't believe you actually do a grocery budget of 200 dollars in ONE month. I recently did my weeks worth for about $150. I was pretty proud of myself. It's only possible when you stick to a menu. :)

Well, keep us updated on all you goals for the month and year. Sounds fun. Don't forget to stop by my blog. I miss hearing from you.


Charli said...

Rachel - I didn't think you were blogging right now. I need an invite so I can follow you again. uttopia904(at)aol

Elizabeth Ann @ Elizabeth Ann's Recipe Box said...

Love the verse you chose for Beth Moore's scripture team! :-)

Charli said...

I love that verse too. We listen to it every night when the boys go to sleep. It's on their Scripture Lullabies CD. So relaxing! Thanks for stopping by.

Barb said...

When you start getting too many eggs and need to sell, remember me.