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07 January 2013

Menu Plan Monday for January 7th.

Good Morning!

Well, I made it through the first week of the pantry challenge. 

Ronnie tried to tempt me into eating out yesterday after church but we decided to come home and eat leftovers.  Good thing he was offering Chinese for lunch.  If he had said Mexican, I probably would have taken him up on the offer. 

We ate at home the entire week and we did avoid the drive thru.  This is kinda a big deal for me.  I tend to hit the drive thru on our way to co-op on Fridays.  This week, we had PB&J with apples and yogurt on our way in the van.  It took no more time than sitting in line at McD's or Taco Bell.  I'm planning on doing it again this Friday.

This week I am working my tail off!  I'm on call five out of seven days, working two and I still need to finish ten hours of chart reviews before Saturday at 11pm.  I'm also working on a big project for our women's ministry group at church that I need to wrap up the first part this week.  I'm just going to take a deep breath and jump right into it all.  I'm hoping to knock a big part of it out tonight.  Ronnie is working a double and won't be home until later.  Please don't think I'm complaining.  I'm actually very happy to have the opportunity to pick up some extra time after all our expenses this past month.  Just one more example that God always provides for us.  This time, in the opportunity for extra work. 

This week has a couple of repeats from last week that I didn't get to.  We still had leftovers to use up yesterday, so I didn't roast a chicken.  I also forgot to thaw my ground beef for meatloaf last Thursday so I made due with stuffed rigatoni.  I shouldn't really say I made due....they were fantastic!

Here's this weeks plan:

Monday:  Hot dogs, mac & cheese and pineapple.
Tuesday:  Roast chicken in the crock pot, mashed sweet potatoes and corn.
Wednesday:  Broccoli & chicken casserole, egg noodles and applesauce
Thursday:  Chili & cornbread.
Friday:  DIY Subway sweet onion chicken teriyaki subs and pineapple.
Saturday: Leftovers
Sunday:  Spaghetti & meatballs, salad.

That's the plan.  Even with my busy week, I think it's doable. 

As always, for more menu planning ideas check out orgjunkie.com.  I'm also linking up with Pearls, handcuffs and happy hour this week. 

1 comment:

Rachel E. said...

Good luck this week during your busy schedule. I have forgotten to thaw my meat numerous times. I have also set it out to thaw and it doesn't. Ugh! That's when you improvise, right? Menu sounds good again.