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10 January 2013

Project Peacock.

After teaching in co-op on Fridays, we usually do what all homeschooling moms want to do;  grab a cup of coffee and chit chat with other grown ups while our kids are still in class. 

For the past three years, we've sat and chatted, covering all kinds of topics and solving most of the world's problems. 

Last Friday, Tracey and Tammy came back from a Walmart run with not only snacks, but a great idea. 

What if, for one whole year, we did one thing each day to make our husbands feel special? 

Not for any personal agenda.  Not for manipulation. 

Just because. 

Just because he's my husband and I want to be intentionally nice to him.

We're not talking about anything extravagant here.  It could be making him a nice meal for dinner or baking his favorite dessert.  Maybe it's not hopping on Facebook and just sitting and talking to him - actually paying attention and maintaining eye contact.  It could be not only just saying "yes", instead of "not tonight, I have a headache" but, dare I say it, actually initiating some intimate time with our husbands. 

So that's Project Peacock for 2013.  And please don't tell my husband.  It's not about letting him know I'm being intentionally nice.  I'm not planning on griping at him for not taking out the trash because I made brownies today and he owes me.  That's not the point.  It's about showing him love in a physical and practical manner.  Just because I can.

Now, about the weird name. 

My friend Megan and her husband blog over at Do Not Disturb.  I love their blog.  It's an awesome marriage resource from a Christian perspective.   They were featured on Hot, Holy and Humorous and while checking out that site, Tracey and I couldn't stop laughing at some of the things she had to say.  In one HHH post, she mentions that she gets so excited when she finds other Christian women who enjoy .... "being with their husbands - in the Biblical sense".  She feels it's like an underground movement - she wants to make up secret handshakes and code phrases like "The peacock squawks at midnight".  It still makes me laugh - thus the name Project Peacock.

Feel free to join us.  You can comment here or on Facebook.  Or you can slyly pass me in the church hall and tell me "The peacock squawks at midnight". 

I'll know what you mean......


Rachel E. said...

It sounds like a great idea. Are you sure we can find that many ways to be extra nice to our hubbies? Kidding.

Megan@DoNotDisturb said...

First, I am honored to be listed as a friend and blog you love. I feel the same about you. Second, I am blessed by your desire to worship God through serving your husband, family and community. Third, I am madly in love with my husband so I say "Yes!" to Project Peacock.
Really great idea.

Now, for the practical/planning side of me, are you "keeping track" or planning these special touches or are you just winging it. I think both have their place but wonder if you want to be able to look back and know that you followed through. Certainly not out of pride or for accolades but for the knowledge that you are being the person you want to be. Just wondering.


Charli said...

We have actually started a private group on Facebook. I'll add you.

Charli said...

I think I'm going to keep a journal for this project and maybe do a monthly update on here too.

young wife&mom said...

love your blog--when i make time to visit it!
you are such an encouragment and inspiration.

Kathleen Guire said...

I'm in! I love it! Can't wait to whisper the catch phrase in the hallways!

Charli said...

I'm kinda excited for Sunday just to see if anyone says it.

Tammy M said...

I can honestly say I have enjoyed spending the extra time and attention on my husband. He keeps asking why I am doing so and I just want him to know I appreciate and adore everything about him and how I am so grateful to be his wife. I also plan on journaling, so I can look back over the year and see the little things that make a difference. :)

Lori said...

What a great idea....I think I'm going to try and join you. I might need a reminder every once in a while to not get snippy, lol.

Bella Michelle said...

LOVE it! I found your blog via "Be My Valentine" Marriage Challenge and so glad I did and can't wait to check out your friend's blog as well!

BTW, "The peacock squawks at midnight".

Happy Weekend!!!

Charli said...

Alright! Thanks for stopping by.

MyJourneyBack said...

Wonderful post. Thanks for sharing your heart!
Have a wonderful evening,

MyJourneyBack said...

Dear Charli, I really enjoyed this post. I searched for an email here but didn't find one. I would love to link back to you and highlight your post on my Thursday post. I am doing a series for Valentines. I would love for you to come over and check it out and let me know if your cool with me reposting some of your post and linking back! BTW I am following you. I am wearing the fuzzy blue slippers.

J said...

Oh my goodness! I think this is a fabulous idea! I am honored as well that you chose Project Peacock as the name. I know your husbands will be blessed. May God grant you wisdom and courage to strengthen your marriage and others. Big-time blessings, girlfriend!

Charli said...

J! You have made my day. I'm so glad you stopped by because I love, love, love your blog!