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13 February 2013

Be My Valentine: The final week.

Alright girls, we're at the final countdown for the Be My Valentine challenge. 

Did you have fun last week? 

This week is Valentine's Day.  Despite my enthusiasm for this challenge,  I actually have kind of ho hum feelings about this day.  While I think it's a great idea to focus some passion on the one you love,  I also feel it's a financial racket designed to take my hard earned money. 

That being said, here's my plan for Valentine's Day:

I'm making pizza with pepperoni cut into hearts along with a strawberry spinach salad that is his absolute favorite.  After dinner, we'll play a game or two of Uno with the boys then send them off to bed early at 7:30.  I have a movie from Netflix that he's wanted to see - the new Bourne movie - and we'll settle in for that.  When the movie is over, he'll find a heart shape across the bed made out of his favorite, Reese's cups.  Needless to say, you don't need to know the plan after that!

I know that everything you see right now is telling you that unless he is spending a fortune on roses and diamonds and dinner he's a loser, but come on.  You're smarter than that.  I'd rather have a whole year of thoughtfulness and passion than one big day in February. 

If you haven't planned your night yet, go do it.  And most importantly, have fun!


Megan@DoNotDisturb said...

Sounds like a wonderful evening to me! I have never been a fan of Valentine's for the same reason as you, money spent does not indicate my husbands love for me. Have fun tomorrow.

PS - Justin and I both liked the new Bourne movie.


Rachel E. said...

My hubby loves the same candy. He would probably enjoy a heart of them on the bed. :)

Charli said...

The candy will be his favorite part too. Well, second favorite part! ;)

J said...

How lovely! Enjoy. <3