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08 February 2013

Friday's Dinner Experiment.

Friday is co-op day and I like to have something cooking in the crock pot to help me avoid the lure of take out pizza from Colasessanos. 

Today was hot dog day.  A real favorite of the boys.  I have cooked hot dogs and sauce together in the crock pot before - it's really not rocket science.  But the boys don't like sauce.  They want just ketchup.  Then it came to me:

That's partially frozen hot dogs and a broken off chunk of frozen hot dog sauce.  I put the sauce in an oven proof Pyrex bowl, lined the hot dogs around it like little soldiers and put it on warm at 10 am. 

I wasn't sure if I would come home to success or a pot full of hot dogs, sauce and glass. 

When I came home at 4 pm, look what I found:

It worked! 

I added a can of peaches and some chips and dinner was on the table in well under ten minutes.
Not too shabby!


Rachel E. said...

Hey! It helps to think outside the box, doesn't it?

Charli said...

I'm probably a little too excited that this worked.

Maria said...

Did u add water to the bottom of the crock or no?

Marsha said...

That's awesome!

Selena said...

So glad that worked for you!

My crock pot is a big one -- either 6 or 8 quarts -- and it cooks everything in half the recommended time (I cooked a whole chicken in just over 4 hours). It bums me out that I can't put something in a leave all day without coming home to charcoal. :(

On the upside, it's boss if I need to feed an army. :)

p.s. What's up with word verification??? Are you getting spammed?

Charli said...

Maria, no water in the crock, just the hot dogs.
Selena, you need a new crock pot! Mine is the 8qt and it cooks great. And yes, after over a year of no word verification I am getting a TON of spam all of a sudden that the spam filters aren't catching. :(