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02 February 2013

One of the trials of living on a rural route.

I have been anxiously awaiting a package this week.  New curriculum.  You know how that is.  I had a four hour block carved out for tomorrow to look through my new books.  I worked very hard to keep that free time this week.  Imagine my disappointment when once again I was let down by my not so dear friends from Fed Ex. 

Here is the letter I sent today:

Although once again I have a problem with my package
that has been shipped via your service, my complaint is about your shipping
services in general.  I will admit that we live in a somewhat rural area, but on
an amazingly regular basis Fed Ex is not able to deliver my package to my actual
address.  I frequently get packages for my neighbors and vice versa.  My
neighbor across the street has even taped a written description of her home to
her mail box to help the drivers find the correct address (it hasn't helped), 
When I called last week to let you know that once again a package for my
neighbor had been delivered to my home, the gentleman had the driver pick it up
to re-deliver in hopes that it would help with the address confusion.  (It

I was aware today that my package from Sonlight was unfortunately being
delivered by Fed Ex and I awoke bright and early, wrote in big black letters
with a sharpie on a piece of poster board "Fed Ex!  This is 3##!" and nailed it
to my front porch.  Imagine my surprise when I checked my tracking # only to
find that my package was not able to be delivered because they couldn't find my
address.  Really?  I live directly on the X Rd (RR #).  Directly on the
road.  No turns, not behind another house.  Directly on the main road.  If you
stopped the truck on RR # by the giant sign nailed to the porch that said "Fed
EX! 3##!"  you would be there.  We were home the entire morning waiting for this
package.  What makes this most frustrating is that UPS NEVER messes up my
delivery.  If they can find my home every time, why can't you?

Today, I called your 1-800 # to make arrangements to pick up my package by
driving the thirty minutes to the Bridgeport center only to be told that while,
yes, they are to be open until 3pm, it would appear they were already closed at
2pm.  Now it apparently won't be delivered until Tuesday 2/5.  

In the meantime, I will leave my Fed Ex sign up and hopefully see my package on

My response so far:  "We will attempt to find the most appropriate person to help with your problem."


Oh, sorry.  I meant thank you. 

Thank you very much. 


Tracey said...

To fuel your fire...they can find my house and it is half a mile in the woods, past two other driveways.

Charli said...


Selena said...

Charli, I'm so sorry. I know how that feels.

I live in the city and they can find my house but they will run up and put a post-it on my door saying they missed me -- when I'm home! They also don't ring the doorbell to let me know they've come, and perishable items have baked in the hot son on my porch. I much prefer UPS.

Tracey, Are you sure that is FedEx you are talking about and not UPS? do you bake them cookies? What is your secret??? Do tell!

Maria said...

How frustrating Charli!! I sure hope you get your packages Tuesday! That (and the electricity not staying out very long during storms), is about the ONLY reason why I can tolerate living on my street, otherwise, I envy you all living in the quiet neighborhoods! ;) (altho we do have much better success with UPS than Fed Ex, they seem to come at random times, be late...UPS is always on time, 330 pm.)

Bella Michelle said...

Oh, that would drive me nuts!!!! Hope the package makes an appearance soon!