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27 March 2013

Get Your Aprons On!

You know how I love a challenge!

This morning while talking to Tracey from Building My House, she mentions the idea of doing 31 Days to Clean again. 

I honestly thought to myself
   1.  She's so crazy.
   2.  Didn't I just do that?

Turns out, I really has been a year since the last time.

I started to say no, then I glanced into my bedroom.  Ugh.
And then I looked at my couch..... with unfolded clean laundry on it.  Ugh again. 

The deciding factor was when Tracey reminded me that if all this mess (my words, not hers) was actually cleaned up by June, I would have more time to spend at our Summer Bible study/swimming get togethers. 

How can I say no to that?

On April 1st, we'll start with our challenges. 

Here's a sneak peak of week one:

Day 1:  What is my home mission statement?  Why do I want a clean home?
              Plan for your cleaning - gather supplies, ect.
Day 2:  What can I do to add life to my home?
              Clean the fridge and freezer.
Day 3:  What makes my family feel loved when caring for our home?
              Clean tops of fridge and cabinets
Day 4:  Invite a friend over.
              Clean my oven and microwave.
Day 5:  Make a list of family priorities (from 1-5)
             Wash kitchen curtains and inside of windows.
Day 6:  Make my six list.
             Clean the kitchen cabinets
Day 7:  Read Romans 8:21
             Organize the pantry.

In the interest of honesty, I have no intention of cleaning on Sunday.  I'll double up on a less busy day.  Also, I'm still working at home health and picking up an extra day in the cath lab week one.  I really do think that most of these tasks can be knocked out after work or saved for Saturday and done all in one day.  It's still worth it to have a clean home by next month! 

Interested in joining us?  You can follow along here on the blog for weekly updates, or join our Facebook group:


Cleaning is always more fun when you do it with friends! 

I'm linking up with Raising Homemakers and Women Living Well today.

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