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28 March 2013

My plan to pull off Easter dinner.....and still enjoy Easter!

Just curious, how many of you are fixing Easter dinner? 

Here's the thing:  I want to fix Easter dinner
                            I want to go to Sonrise service
                            I want to actually enjoy church
                            I want to have family over for dinner before Ronnie goes to work.

What I don't want to do is be stressed out and grouchy with my family because of it!

My plan to pull this off started with my menu.  I chose items that can mostly be done ahead of time.

This Easter, I'm making ham, sweet potato casserole, green beans, honey carrots, deviled eggs, rolls and eclair cake.   Everything I'm preparing can either be made ahead or made in the crock pot while we're at church. 

Here's the breakdown of how I'm going to pull this off:

Saturday:  Make rolls, eclair cake and sweet potato casserole.   I'll also go ahead and make iced tea and kool-aid.  Before bed, I'll set the table for Easter dinner.  Oh, and my mom is making the deviled eggs.

Sunday:  Bright and early, I'll start the ham in the big crock pot.  All I do is add the ham, 1 cup of brown sugar, 1/2 cup maple syrup, and 2 cups pineapple juice.  I'll also throw the green beans, a couple of pieces of bacon and some water in one side of my double crock, and a quart of my canned carrots, with honey and butter in the other side.  Put all on low to cook while we're gone. 

No need to worry about breakfast for the family.  We have an all church breakfast  following Sonrise service.

After church, all I need to do is throw the sweet potato casserole in the oven to warm up while I plate the rest of the meal. 

That's my plan. 

How are you pulling off Easter dinner this year?

1 comment:

Maria said...

sounds easy!!! Good job!! We are having a very low key easter, as we don't have much family here. So I got one of those really small hams, and will make that and some potatoes and some kinda veggie just like I would any other dinner. One fun thing we are doing tho is baking an Easter cake. Since the one thing in their baskets is "wreck it ralph", I'm hoping we can have a easy, relaxed day even tho we aren't spending it with extended family. Enjoy your Easter!! :)