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01 April 2013

Menu Plan Monday for April 1st.

It's April Fools Day!  Did you plan any little surprises for today?

The only thing I'm going to do today as a joke is to dye our scrambled eggs green then tell the boys that our Easter egg chicken, Taco's eggs turned green inside, as well as outside on the shell.  Josiah keeps asking if they've turned green "the whole way" yet so I think it will be a fun one.

We had a great Easter, and I really did pull off a low key Easter dinner.  It was so low key we didn't even have it!  My mom was sick and Ronnie was so exhausted from working extra this weekend that we decided to just do it next weekend after all.  We had leftover pizza from Colo's - which was free for us on Saturday because John won the big basket at our church's Easter egg hunt.  That place was packed!  It was awesome.

Also in the basket (besides the Colo's gift card, a giant bunny and tons of candy) was a four pack of tickets to Veggie Tales Live!  We weren't planning on going because it's on John's birthday and we had already bought tickets for the Ringling Bros. Circus in Charleston that morning.  John's really going to have a big day for his birthday!  Circus in the morning and Veggie Tales at night.  

This week kicks off my Get Your Aprons On challenge with Tracey at Building My House.  We're starting Sarah Mae's 31 Days to Clean today with 42 of you lovely readers!  There's still plenty of time to join us and I'll update you weekly here to let you know how things are going.

I'm also starting a homeschooling blog hop with some of my favorite people.  I know each of these girls in "real life" and love that I have them for support and encouragement in choice we've made to educate our kiddos at home.  Tomorrow starts with "A day in the life".  I personally love those kind of posts. 

Probably because I'm nosey. 

This week I'm picking up two days of call and a day in the cath lab on top of my regular home health day. 

Needless to say, I'm keeping the menu simple.

Monday:  Loaded omelets with ham and veggies, biscuits, oranges.
Tuesday:  Layered BBQ chicken and baked potatoes, cheesy broccoli
Wednesday:  Smothered beef burritos, salad.
Thursday:  Leftovers
Friday:  Pizza night.
Saturday:  Pancake night.
Sunday:  Easter dinner at my mother in laws.

That's it.  Nothing fancy, just good food.

Check out orgjunkie.com for more great menu ideas!


Rachel E. said...

That's a big bunny! The kids did an egg hunt at church, which I didn't want them to. But, they got herded out with the other kids and my 8 year old isn't as strong as she could be...Oh well.

Charli said...

Our church divides them up by age groups so little ones don't have to fend off big kids and big kids don't have to worry about tripping over the little ones. Makes it nice.