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13 March 2013

Once a month shopping update.

It's been three weeks since my last "real" shopping trip.  Back on February 19th, I spent $485.03.  Two weeks ago, I stopped and picked up four gallons of milk that were on sale for $2.89 each and one loaf of bread.  My total spent on that week was $13.52.  On Saturday, I picked up two gallons of milk and two loaves of bread - total spent $12.98.

My shopping week is next week.  And while there is basically nothing that we need, I have an overwhelming urge to go to the store.  How weird is that?  I mean, I hate grocery shopping, but I've gone just about every week of my life.  I even went weekly when I lived at home.  We shopped every single Saturday morning, right after cleaning the house.  It's like it's ingrained into my being to go to the store weekly. 

I still have a case of yogurt in the freezer as well as lots of apples and clementines for fresh fruit.  I have plenty to finish the week until next week's shopping trip. 

I'm mostly just amazed at my desire to go to the store.  It's almost Pavlovian. 

I can tell you that this has been an overwhelming success.  I've spent at total of $511.53 for an entire month of breakfast, lunch and dinners for five people.  That includes taking dinner to another family, having family and friends over twice, and taking chili and a cake to a dinner at church.  After reviewing the past few months (not including Pantry Challenge month), I spend around $600 to $800 per month.  I've saved anywhere from $80 to $280. 

This is definitely a project I'm going to continue.


Maria said...

Great Job! Glad to hear it was a success!!! I've never thought to freeze yogurt. I eat it all the time and that is one thing I run out to the store weekly for.

Tracey said...

I'm like you...I feel like I "have" to at least go to the store once a week. Maybe I need to plan better for the snacks, lunch and breakfast and I could do it. Thanks for the inspiration.

Marsha said...

Thanks for the update. I was just wondering how this was going. Sounds like maybe I need to try it myself.

Charli said...

I'm going to try another month. It's interesting to see what you use the most of. I knew I used a lot of milk and bread, but we also use a lot of sour cream and apples. How weird is that? I ever really noticed it before when I went weekly or even bi weekly.

young wife&mom said...

charli--I am impressed..you are such a good blogger so i think you should make a post of what is possible to freeze of what you buy...how long things are good for..etc..

Charli said...

Lori, that's a great idea! Thanks.