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04 April 2013

Homeschool Blog Hop: How do I organize my day?

Today's question is "How do I organize my day?".

Answer: Not very well.

OK, I actually have great plans on paper, but they don't always transfer to real life as well as I'd like them to.

I try to stick to the schedule that I shared with you on Tuesday. It helps to keep life a little more sane. The day I shared with you was a typical Monday for me.  My afternoon time focus rotates depending on the day.

Here's how I organize my week, more so than my day:

Mondays are my office day.
I use this day to work on the business, file, pay all the bills, work on any projects for
our Women's ministry or my Relay for Life team, go over the lesson plan - that kind of thing.

Tuesday's are errand day.
Why? Because I work on Tuesdays at home health. I'm already on my way to town,
no better time to stop at the bank and anywhere else that I need to go.

Wednesday's are laundry day (in theory)
This is the day that I earmark to actually put away laundry. Unfortunately, I'm
usually behind from working on Tuesday so I try to pull off a "big" day of school.
Laundry usually ends up in baskets in the right rooms with a promise to put it away

Thursday is baking day.
Or cooking day. Basically just kitchen day. I use this day to make some goodies,
like brownies, bake something in the bread machine, anything I can pull off in the
afternoon to make that makes my life easier for the coming week.

Friday is co-op day.
I don't get anything done other than co-op and school. In the evening, we try to have
family time. It doesn't have to be fancy. If the weather's nice, we play outside. If
not, we play the Xbox or watch a movie or visit with friends.  This is also usually the evening Ronnie and I use for an in home date night after the kids are asleep.  We'll watch a movie or really just do anything together.  Last week, we sat on the couch and read Mother Earth News, trying to figure out the best way to build our chicken coop. (Don't be jealous of our glamorous life!)

Saturday is project day.
It's just what it sounds like. I use this day to do any projects that need done. In the Summer this involves tackeling the weeds in the garden.  Sometimes we hang out with friends or take my mom to the grocery store. Just like every other family, we usually have something to do.

Sunday is my planning day.
After church, we try not to do a lot. Ronnie usually takes a nap if he doesn't have to
work, the boys play and I use the quiet time to make up my menu, plan my blogs for
the week, update my calender and make a to do list for the week.

This is what works best for me.  And yes, there are days when I throw the plan out the window and we go to the park or to a friend's house.  (Although not many or life turns into chaos).  Working outside the home, even part time, running a business and homeschooling is a challenge, but it can be done.  It just takes commitment to your plan.  For me, it's worth it.

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young wife&mom said...

great tips--I like the way you have different things you plan each day--making it do-able and broken into small chunks anything seems possible!
You are inspiring!

Selena said...

Great post, Charli. Planning is important, but execution is tough. I'm with ya there.