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05 April 2013

Get Your Aprons On: Week One.

This week began my month long challenge to clean my house following Sarah Mae's 31 Days to Clean.  I'm cleaning along with 48 of you and of course, Tracey from Building My House. 

Good news, this week is just about over and I'll have a nice clean kitchen soon.  Of course, we are harvesting our honey tomorrow, but I still have hope we won't make too much of a mess. 

This weeks challenges weren't too bad.  Monday was my favorite - all I had to do was think about what I was cleaning and what supplies I needed.  I can do that!

We picked up the pace after Monday, cleaning the fridge::

 Then I worked on the top of the fridge/freezers and cabinets, washing the fronts down as I went:


Day four was washing the curtains and windows.  I'm behind a day from my extra work day this week, so that's on today's agenda along with cleaning out my cabinets. 

As I was cleaning yesterday, it kinda hit me that once again I have gotten used to the stuff around me.  I do a great job keeping things in order for a while after this challenge, but as the year goes on and life gets busier and busier, it seems that stuff slowly creeps into my house. 

It all boils down to this:  I want a clean house, not a perfect house.  I'd rather spend time with my family than my sweeper.  I'm simply going to try my best to keep my home in order and realize that it's ok if it's not perfect. 

It works for us.

Feel free to hop on over to the group's Facebook page for Get Your Aprons On.  Just start where we are!


Maria said...

Looking good!!! I'm a day behind (I think), but plan to clean my oven today!

Charli said...

I just cleaned my pantry two weeks ago, so I think I'll be caught up after tomorrow.