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12 April 2013

Once a month shopping: The Boo Hiss Edition.

I'm sure I didn't dream it.  I actually did see an email from Aldi's where milk was $1.99 a gallon.  In this milk lovin' house, that is reason to go to the store for a stock up. 

So even though it's a little early, I decided to head out for my monthly shopping trip.  I made my menu for the month and my grocery list - which was suprisingly short - and I headed out Thursday morning.  I didn't think I would have another day to go before the sale ended.

I started at my new BFF, Tractor Supply, where I picked up a 50 pound bag of chicken feed, a 50 pound bag of cracked corn (and yes, I did sing Jimmy crack corn to the boys who stared at me in total confusion), freeze dried worms and another big waterer.  Turns out 15 chickens drink a lot.  Total spent:  $64.25

Then the boys & I headed over to Sam's where much to our surprise the hot dog machine is out of order.  They really are good hot dogs and you get a large drink for $1.70 each.  The boys made up for the lack of hot dogs by eating their way through the store.  What I call samples, they call a buffet.

I picked up the following at Sam's:

Produce:  Lettuce x 4, Romaine x 1, bag of onions, bag of potatoes, 5 bags of apples, 1 big bag of clementines, 2 packages of grapes, 6 pack of tomatoes, 3 bunches of bananas, 2 bags of carrots.
Cold stuff:  1 box of Oikos yogurt, 1 box of GoGurt, 1 box of drinkable yogurt, cottage cheese, giant bag of cheddar cheese, 20 pounds of fresh chicken breast (marked down to $1.51/#).
Other stuff:  4 loaves of bread, big can of tomato sauce, giant bag of sugar, Hershey's cocoa, 2 pack of cooking spray, 3 pack of Easter gumballs marked down to $3 (I'm using these as fillers for the birthday presents).
Unexpected stuff:  I totally was taken in with one of the samples.  It's Chicken Fried Steak by Fast Fixin's.  It was $11 for 10 steaks and gravy in the freezer section and it was incredible.  And I don't even like chicken fried steak that well.  I made it last night with mashed potatoes and green beans and everyone licked their plates clean.
Total spent: 212.25

Finally my trip to Aldi's for the nonexistent milk sale.  I don't know where I saw it for $1.99 but it wasn't and I couldn't find the email.  Maybe I did dream it.  Anyway, I picked up all the little extras at Aldi's while I was there:
Grape juice, pepperoni, 3 packs of tortillas, 2 boxes of cheese crackers, 1 box of fake Ritz, Vanilla wafers, 3 boxes of graham crackers, 2 bags of tortilla chips, grape jelly, 2 vanilla puddings, cottage cheese, fresh salsa, guacamole, refried beans and 3 boxes of cereal.
Total spent:  $40.25

Anyone else notice that all my totals end in $0.25?  Weird.

I picked up 4 gallons of milk at Walmart price matched with Save a Lot (There's a limit of 2 per trip so I had Ronnie pick 2 up as well).  I'm also going to pick up 2 more today before co-op and 2 after co-op and that should be it for this month's trip. 

Total Spent this month: $332.75

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