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10 May 2013

Ministry from Home.

You know all those "Work from Home" ads.  Well, today I'm going to tell you how I minister from home.  Although I just recently realized it is a ministry. 

I make three meals a day on most days.  If we're home, I'm cooking.  It's ok. I like to cook.  According to my family (and some of you) I'm not that bad at it.  And that's where my ministry comes into play.

I love to take meals to people.  I may not be able to do much due to the time contraints of homeschooling or working or running the business or raising children - but I have time to cook.  I cook for my family.  It's really not that big a deal to make a little more and take it to someone who needs it.  And it's really not hard to find someone who could use a hot meal and the knowledge that someone cares. 

Why do I like doing this?  Well, because I know first hand how great it is to have someone drop off dinner during a crazy season of life.  When I had the boys, someone from our church dropped off dinner for us every night for the first week we were home.  It was glorious!  I still make several of the recipes that were brought to me eight years ago, including Selena's chicken and peppers and Jennifer's chicken enchiladas.  So very good! 

It means a lot for someone to know you care.  And isn't that really what it's all about?  Caring for others?

Here's the practical tips for taking meals:
  • Make something you're good at.  Don't try a new recipe.  Just pick a meal that you like to make.
  • Use disposable dishes.  I usually buy the big stack of aluminum pans at Sam's. 
  • Try to take a main dish, at least one side dish and a dessert. 
  • Don't forget your own family.  Just make a double batch of what you're taking so your family has dinner as well.
So this Sunday as your sitting in church and the needs are being prayed for, ask God to show you who you can bless with a hot meal and a kind word. 

It really is the little things that can make a big difference.


Anonymous said...

such a good idea

Megan@donotdistrbblog said...

Disposable contains yes! However one time a put salad in an empty ice cream container. though they were appreciative I knew they were disappointed it wasn't what they thought at first. Ha!


Charli said...

Oh that makes me laugh! I'd be like "Yeah ice cream! Oh...salad".

Harriet said...

My hubby has Leukemia. He was diagnosed in October. At first, the meals came frequently. Now, 7 months into it, they rarely come at all. If you know someone who has a long standing disease, take a meal to them. If they are like me, they will tell you that they are "fine". Trust me! They need the meal! If for no other reason, just to know that they are still thought of. Last week someone from our church just called and said they were coming at 5:00 with supper. We enjoyed their visit and we ate every crumb of that meal.
It is a ministry for sure! Keep up the good work.

Charli said...

Harriet, what a great point! I think we're all good at the initial helping, but we forget that some things take a while to fight. Help is still needed. Praying for you and your husband during this battle.