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20 May 2013

Menu Plan Monday for May 20th

Hi guys!  

Sorry for being so quiet last week.  Yet another case of biting off more that I can chew. 

I ended up feeling pretty rotten and still had to face working two days and being on call four days  - plus a portfolio review and some business and church projects I had to work on (all the while cleaning up from a leaky roof in my pantry). 

Enough whining!  Let me show you the good news:

We finally found a new truck!  Our old truck (emphasis on old) was still the 1991 F150 he has been driving for a very long time.   This is a 2012 F150 that was used with only 14,000 miles.  It should get us through another 10-15 years.  Needless to say, we're all very happy with it. 

My Fit in 42 project marches on.  I'm really excited about it.  I've actually done it - not made excuses for why I could justify eating this or that.  I have now been sugar free for 22 days.  This is amazing for me!  I feel better and I'm not tired as often.  I'm also down 7.5 pounds as of last Tuesday.  This week's challenge is to have half of your plate be fruits or veggies and to start watching portions.  I was a little surprised at how challenging this made menu planning for me.

This week is mildly busy, but a lot of fun things.  Today starts Summer Fun School.  Which is really just our Summer school with me trying to trick the boys into thinking it's fun.  It mostly works.  We also have a service project with our church on Thursday handing out water at the Three Rivers Festival parade.  Then Friday is a free concert at Prickett's Fort - a jug band!  I haven't heard a jug band and a good fiddle since I was a little girl with my Papaw.  We're taking the boys because this is something you don't get to see very often these days.  And Saturday wraps up our week with Sheep to Shaw, once again at the Fort.  Told you it was Summer Fun School.

Here's this week's menu:

Monday:  Steak, sawmill salad, sauteed mushrooms
Tuesday:  Grilled chicken, green beans and fried cabbage
Wednesday:  Joni's squash and rice, salad and bread machine bread.
Thursday:  Chicken wraps and oranges
Friday:  Pizza and salad
Saturday:  Tilapia, grilled carrots and baked potatoes
Sunday:  Oriental chicken salad and watermelon.

As always, don't forget to check out orgjunkie.com for more great menu planning ideas.


Maria said...

Great job on your weight loss!!! :) And congrats on your new truck! Have a good week!

Charli said...

Thanks Maria!

Barb said...

Great job!