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22 May 2013

Squash and Rice

I posted this recipe yesterday on our church's Women's ministry blog, Woven.  It's just too good to not share again!  This recipe is by Joni Retton, a wonderful cook who torments me on Facebook with all of her incredible pictures of her dinners.  Enjoy!

Hello!  This recipe is an old family favorite my great uncle Frank
Gearde taught me to make when I was in college.  Serve with a salad and good
bread for a perfect meal.

Squash and Rice

Put a little olive oil in large pot.  Add:  1small onion chopped and 1 clove
garlic , crushed.  Saute a few minutes (do not let garlic burn).  Then add:  3
small sliced, peeled zucchini (can slice in circles or half moons) and chunks of
2 bell peppers.  Add 1 can sliced, stewed tomatoes or diced tomatoes (14.5 oz),
1 small can tomato paste, 2 paste cans of water, 1 bay leaf, salt and pepper. 
Cover and simmer 45 minutes.

Meanwhile, cook 1 cup rice in water or broth--regular or brown.  Remove bay leaf
from squash and add rice, fresh basil (I use the kind in a tube when I do not
have fresh) and Parmesan cheese.  Enjoy!

Thanks Joni for sharing!  Now I can't wait for my zucchini to come in!

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