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24 May 2013

Thrifty Living: Using what's around.

Summer is just around the corner.  You're home all day, the weather is beautiful - it just seems like the perfect time to run around and have fun, right?  Of course!  But that doesn't mean you can't be smart about it.

Summer doesn't have to mean breaking the bank with daily pool and ice cream trips.  You just have to be smart about it. 

Here are some tips to help you stretch your cash and still have fun:

1.  Check with your local parks and rec for activities.  Even here in our little corner of WV, our parks and rec have lots of free or cheap activities.  There are over five different parks for free that we love to go to.  Make it a little more special by packing  a lunch and meeting some friends.  We also have a fishing park that has reduced price and free days through out the Summer.  Watch the local pools for discounted times, such as afternoons.  Also, don't forget about the pools in the next town.  Our local pool is a wave pool which makes me crazy and I think is pricey.  We usually go to Grafton, which is about the same distance from our home and half the price.  Plus, unless I'm actually planning on swimming, they don't charge me admission.  Log onto your local parks & rec website to find out what they have planned for the Summer.

2.  Speaking of swimming, know anyone with a pool?  We probably won't end up at the public pool very often this Summer thanks to a couple of great friends who open their pools up to us.  The first is a weekly Bible study poolside while the kids play.  We're using the book Unglued by Lisa Terkerst.  As a bonus, Kathleen was always my favorite teacher on Wednesday nights.  The next is my BFF, Vicki.  She also has a great pool.  We get to spend time together (which doesn't happen often now that she's in grad school) and the kids get to play.  I'll take snacks for the kids and of course, a snack for the adults and we'll have a great time swimming and spending time with our friends.

3.  What about the library?  The library has activities going on all Summer long - and in an air conditioned building.  Can't beat that during the dog days of Summer.  We'll start back with our weekly or bi-weekly trips to the library soon. 

4.  Our biggest source of fun, free (or super cheap) things to do?  Church!  We love our church.  We have all kinds of fun events there for the Summer.  The boys always go to VBS, they usually have a camp out with their boy's club, Rangers, just last week - they went for ice cream.  We also go to my in-law's church for VBS.  They do a great job as well.  This Summer, I'm excited about a series of classes at our church from the wonderful mind of Liz DeRoos - a back to basics type series where I'll learn how to make cheese and soap and herbal tinctures.  All for a minimal cost and with child care!  Ronnie & I are actually teaching the canning class on July 13th.  And don't forget about helping others!  Volunteer opportunities are a great way to show your kids there is more to this world that just me, me, me. 

There are so many more things that could be covered here - bike rides on the Rail Trails, concerts and movies in the park,  $1 movie days at the theater, carload days at the drive in, state parks.  Just look around.  There's a lot to do without breaking the bank this Summer. 

Now, go find some Summer fun!

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young wife&mom said...

great post..great ideas! thanks!