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31 July 2013

Happy Corn Day!

OK, so it's not really corn day, although there probably is a national corn day somewhere in the list of all the weird holidays.  I thought I would give you a peek into how I work up my corn - all 60 dozen ears of it.  Well, give or take a few ears. 

Last night we picked and bagged up the corn.  By we, I mostly mean Ronnie.  I worked over and then ran the boys to their MMA class.  The corn was picked by the time I got home.  (Perfect timing, right?)

The first part of my day was cleaning corn.  Thankfully, my mother in law Marion helped me this morning.  It always makes the work go faster when you have someone to keep you company. 

My plan is to both can and freeze corn today.  Once the corn is shucked, we'll use an electric knife to get it off the cob.  By the way, we save all the cobs for the cows.  They love them. 

I'll start with the canning part so that when I'm sick of canning corn, I can then just start putting it in baggies and freezing it.  If I feel all energetic later, I may can some corn relish. 

Yes, this will take me all day.  I know some of you might think "Why bother with all this when you can just go buy a bag or can of corn?".  Well, because I know what's in my food.  I know the fertilizer used in the ground, I know the type of chemicals sprayed on it (none), and I know where my seeds came from and if they were genetically modified (they weren't).  By the end of today, I'll have one more thing stored up for the coming year to feed my family with that is good, quality food for a fraction of the price of the grocery store. 

To me, that's worth the effort. 

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