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14 August 2013

It's Back to School Time.

Am I the only one who feels like spinning and singing Sound of Music style in the school supply aisle? 

I just love back to school sales.  You can get such great deals and save a ton of cash through the year.  All you need to do is plan ahead a little.  Stop and think about what you'll use for the coming year and stock up. 

Here's how I control those back to school costs:

1.  Clothes
        I'm blessed with co-workers who pass their hand me downs on to us, but there is
        still plenty of time to hit the yard sales, garage sales and thrift stores. 
        You can plan a back to school clothing swap with some of your friends. 
        Check on Ebay for some gently used clothing lots.
        If you must buy retail, go when there's a sale.  Never pay full price. 
        And remember, eventually, everything will go on sale.

2.  Shoes

        This is a tough one for me.  We are "blessed" with giant, wide feet.  We stick
         with Stride Rite or New Balance shoes.  I keep my eyes open for the back to
         school sale at Stride Rite.  In all honesty, I already have this years shoes in the
         top of the closet for two out of three.  I picked them up at the end of season sale
         this past Spring.  Just do your best but remember - if you're going to buy new,
         shoes are the place to do it. 

3.  Supplies

         Now is the time to save some cash.  Don't just run to WalMart and pick up your
         back to school list.  Pick it up, take it home and check out the ads. Staples &
         Office Max are already running their penny deals.   

         Stop and think about what you might need for the year.  I always pick up more
         then enough crayons, pens, glue sticks, tape, pencils - all that kind of stuff to last
         until next back to school time.  I also wait until the "cool" folders go on sale to
         pick them up.  I bought each of them one TMNT notebook for now, but I'll pick up
         more next month when they're all marked down. 

4.  Other random things
        Josh wants a computer for his birthday next month and with kids off to college,
        this is usually a good time to pick them up.  Don't assume you have to shop at a traditional
        store.  I found Josh a great little laptop at the pawn shop for $100.  It's wiped clean
        and just right for him. 

        And coffee usually goes on sale around this time.  Just like the crayons, I'm
        planning on picking up enough to last me until next year. 

 Don't get sucked into the back to school spending trap.

You can do it!

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