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16 August 2013

Fill Your Freezer Week 3: Dinner Time.

Are your freezers getting full?  Mine too!
Dinner is usually an easier one to prep.  It's mostly making a large batch of your recipe and dividing it into separate bags.  I'll make one big batch of marinade then when I want steak or chicken, I'll just throw a bag into the fridge to thaw in the morning and grill dinner the same night.   This really is the least time consuming of all the freezer cooking I'm attacking this month. 
Here's my plan:
Kidtastic grilled chicken legs - substituting honey for sugar in recipe.
Marinated chicken and steak - using my favorite marinade here
Cooked shredded chicken
Cooked ground beef - I'm actually canning this in about three weeks when we get the cow back.  No use wasting the freezer space. 
We're taking one of our cows to the butcher on Monday.  It has to hang for a while before it's processed so we won't get it back for a few weeks.  My plan is to can 75% of the ground beef on this one.  I use a lot of browned ground beef in recipes so why not do the work all at once.  Plus, I don't use up precious freezer space.  Gotta love that. 
A little bit of time now will make life just a little easier when all the Fall craziness starts!

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