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26 August 2013

Menu Plan Monday for August 26th.

Oh the joys of canning!

I bent and twisted moving some cans last Saturday and ended up out of service for most of the week.  I should have listened to all those more senior nurses who told me not to lift patients by myself.  Twenty plus years later, I realize they were right.  Anyway, after a few trips to the chiropractor and massage therapist, I'm moving slowly but at least I'm upright.

Most of the canning is done for now.  I have a round of tomato juice to do and then I'm done until the cow is ready in a few weeks.  It's a good feeling. 

This week starts school for us.  I really do mean it this time.  I know I've said it about three times before but I've actually pulled the books this time and even written out the lesson plan so it's on now. 

I've also given up on the freezer cooking plan - not just because I didn't feel well, but I'm also running out of freezer space and I have a cow coming soon.  We were planning on butchering our cow next month but apparently she's not the smart one of the group.  The others were hard to round up while she went right into the trailer.  She doesn't have to be smart, just tasty.  Anyway, I'm eating heavy from the freezer the next few weeks.

Here's the plan:

Monday:  Cheeseburger Quesadillas, mixed vegetables and strawberries
Tuesday:  BBQ Chicken & baked potatoes, corn
Wednesday: Steak bites, green beans and corn
Thursday:  Baked hot sub using turkey, peaches.
Friday:  Kielbasa & potatoes, applesauce
Saturday:  Grilled pork chops, honey carrots, loaded cauliflower.
Sunday:  Leftovers.  (Also, cooking a turkey breast in the crock pot for sandwiches the next week).

Don't forget to stop by orgjunkie.com for more great menu ideas.


Anonymous said...

Hi, love reading your weekly menus! Hope your back is better real soon.


Rachel E. said...

Wow, is this image of your garden produce? If not, I guess I will pretend it is. I haven't been by for a while, but just wanted to let you know I think of this blog as one of my favorites.

Charli said...

Rachel, no it's just a background on blogger. But I had a good harvest with our garden despite the rain this year. I canned over 60 dozen ears of corn plus a couple bushel of green beans. I didn't bother with anything fancy like salsas or pickles this year. Just keeping it simple.