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04 September 2013

Menu Plan Wednesday? Sure, why not.

First things first:

That is by far the best watermelon we have ever grown.  They usually look like little volley balls.  And it's so sweet!  A lot of the vines got too wet with all the rain, but we still had a nice little harvest last night.  We had a few cantaloupes, this watermelon and pumpkins, about six spaghetti squash and we dug up a hill of potatoes.  I still have two watermelons on the vine that are growing and a couple more pumpkins that I'm letting get a little bigger.  Despite all the rain it was still a pretty good growing year. 

Sorry for being late with the posts.  I started school last week and was on call over the weekend.  This weekend is Josh's birthday party, the Color Run 5K (if I don't back out), a dinner at the church and my nieces birthday party.  Oh, and hopefully I'll actually fold and put away my laundry instead of just decorating the couch with it.  (Anyone else having that problem?)

So without further ado, here's the rest of this weeks menu:

Wednesday:  Chicken potato skillet, watermelon
Thursday:  Crock pot lasagna
Friday:  Fishing party - pizza, watermelon, cake.
Saturday:  Spaghetti squash with red sauce, garlic bread and salad.
Sunday:  Lunch at church, leftovers for dinner.

That's about it.  I'm off to start school (and maybe fold some laundry). 

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