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23 September 2013

Menu Plan Monday for September 23rd.

What a fun weekend! 

Friday, I went to my friend Molly's for a party where I laughed so hard I can finally see the need for Poise pads.  (Trust me.  Don't ask!)  Saturday was rainy and everything was cancelled so we stayed home, cleaning and watching movies.  And Sunday was perfect weather for the Harvest Fest.  We had a blast! 

Now back to real life, right? 

Most of my canning is now done.  I have some potatoes, apples, blueberries and watermelon that I'm going to dehydrate today and then I'm good on stocking up chores for a while.  Wait!  That's not true.  We're helping Emily butcher chickens on Saturday, so I'll have chickens to can - then I should be done.  Guess that beast of a canner will be sitting in the kitchen another week.  I'm still near the end and that's good news. 

I know it's now "officially" Fall, but today it actually feels like Fall to me.  Nice, crisp weather.  I love to use my oven now to help heat up the house so I don't have to turn the furnace on just yet.  This week's plan is taking advantage of the oven.

Monday:  Pork ribs, baked potatoes and applesauce.
Tuesday:  Roast chicken in the crock pot, green beans and buttered noodles
Wednesday:  Best meatloaf ever, mashed potatoes and carrots.
Thursday:  Chicken stuffed shells, and broccoli.
Friday:  Crock pot lasagna, salad and bread machine garlic bread
Saturday:  Soup beans and cornbread
Sunday:  Dinner at home group.

Is it wrong that my mouth is already watering over tonight's ribs?  Hopefully they turn out great.  I'm not the best at ribs. 

One final note - I'm starting 42 Days to Fit with a few friends again today.  I actually felt so much better when we were eating more whole foods.  I'm not sure what happened over the Summer for us to slip back into our olds habits, but we did.  If you're interested, feel free to join our Facebook group.  This week is giving up desserts and sugar or sugar substitutes in our drinks.  We can use natural sugars like honey or stevia.  Wish me luck!

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