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25 November 2013

Menu Plan Monday for November 25th.

It's Thanksgiving week!

So, are you getting ready to make that big meal on Thursday?

Not me. 

We're weird. 

My husband's family are big hunters so we actually have our dinner with that side of the family in early November.  It just makes it easier on all of us not to have to deal with the mess of hunters coming home, butchering a deer or two and a huge meal.  On my side, my brother's over the food and beverage areas of a local resort and I'm a nurse, so between the two of us, one of us is usually working.  This year, he's working and I'm on call for the hospital.  So our dinner will be another day as well.  Our little family of five usually just has a very low key day of working up the deer, watching movies and hanging out together.  It works out well since I'll be rested for a night of intense Black Friday shopping with the girls. 

Having explained that - here's my menu for the week:

Monday: Pot roast with potatoes and carrots
Tuesday:  Leftovers  or sandwiches
Wednesday:  Cheesy taco soup
Thursday:  Roast chicken, carrots and green beans
Friday:  Crock pot pulled pork sandwiches and fruit
Saturday:  Pizza night
Sunday:  Dinner at church home group.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

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