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06 March 2015

Favorite Things Friday.

Don't you just love when you find something that's new to you and that you just love?  I do too!

Here's some of my current favorite things for this snowy Friday:

Refit Rev. 
OK, I love these girls!  Fun dancing workouts, great CLEAN music that the whole family can hear without cringing, no annoying talking during the workouts and did I mention free on Youtube?  You better believe it's a dance party up in here in the afternoons.

Polar Bottle.
My sweet friend Tammy from Pike Street Bikes gave me my first Polar water bottle.  I now have five - one for each of us.  They're great, easy to open without leaking in my purse and they stay cold for me.  Plus there's none of those hard to reach areas to clean like with my Contigo water bottle. 

Seedling heat mat.
If you're starting seeds in West Virginia, there's a good chance you'll need a heat mat.  I'm not keeping the whole house at a balmy 78 degrees in February and March - we're not the Rockefellers.  I use a seed mat to keep the plants at a warmer temperature.  I also rotate the plants so they each have a turn with the mat.  It works for us.  (Side confession here - I've been known to plug the heat mat in under my desk while blogging.  The floor in that area gets really cold.)

Amazon Fire Stick.
I've mentioned my Roku love before.  While looking at buying a new Roku for our bedroom so we could stream Netflix and Amazon, the Fire Stick popped up.  It's cheaper at $39 and in our experience, streams faster than our Roku.  It does have less channel options, but since it has the channels that we routinely use (Netflix, Amazon, Pandora, YouTube) plus super easy access to our Amazon library - including Prime Music, we don't find the lack of additional channels an issue.  Best of all, you can download the Fire TV app to your Kindle and use your Kindle as a remote - with voice activation.  If I want to watch The Blacklist, I simply tell the app "The Blacklist" and it pulls up all the options with that name.  Pretty cool.

Remember the Milk.
This app is great at keeping me organized.  It links up with my Google calendar and is easily accessed from both my computer and phone.  Ronnie & I are both signed up, so let's say I have "Get milk" on the list but it's snowed and I'm not leaving the house.  I can simply reassign the task to him and he'll get the notice to grab milk on his way home.  We also use it with tasks that need to be done for our rental business.  Just a case of working smarter, not harder. 

Gourmet Garden or as I call them Herbs in a Tube.
When I buy fresh herbs, I usually use them for one to two day, forget about them, then throw them away three weeks later when they're nice and rotten.  Or you can buy these herbs in a tube.  I find mine at Walmart in the produce section.  Just a squirt and you have the taste of fresh herbs in your dishes.  My favorites are the Basil and Cilantro.

And finally, Body Butter from The Body Shop.

It's so dry right now, but even if it's wasn't, I'd still love this lotion.  It's so thick and creamy but it absorbs quickly.  I like to use the Shea butter in the winter but it the Summer, it's Mango all the way.  And it's not full of those weird chemically sweet smells like Bath & Body Works. 

So there you have it.  A few of my favorite things. 

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