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14 June 2015

Menu Plan Monday for June 15th

Hi guys!

Summer is just chugging right along and I'm still wrapping up school.  My portfolio review is on Friday so I'm tweaking a few little things but other than that we are on break until after Kid's camp in the beginning of July.  I'm not taking a full on Summer break from school this year.  I tried that last year and as you can see, I'm just now finishing my portfolio.  It's too hard with working a day at the hospital and running a business from home.  I need that extra cushion that I get from keeping up with math and reading over the Summer.  We may also knock out some science.  I'm still deciding on that one.

This week is just the normal busy of life.  The status quo of craziness that I can handle.

Here's this week's menu plan:

Monday:  Pineapple meatballs over rice (using my pineapple squash I canned last year), salad
Tuesday:  Chicken and stuffing, green beans
Wednesday:  Burgers on grill, applesauce & watermelon
Thursday:  Grilled chicken, asparagus & baked potato
Friday:  Taco night
Saturday:  Grilled steak, sweet potatoes and corn on the cob
Sunday:  Grilled tilapia, spinach salad, baked potato

Can you tell I love my grill?  I really do love my grill.

So what's good at your house this week?

1 comment:

Mandee Pogue said...

Mmmmmm.....What a great menu! I love grilling in the summer as well. TBH, I haven't done it as much this because HELLO THE RAIN THAT NEVER ENDS, but I am looking forward to using it more now that we have a little break. Do you have any recipes for the stuff on here?