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21 September 2015

Best scheduling idea.....so far.

I am a fantastic plan maker. 

You show me what we need to accomplish, I will make you up a schedule to get it done. 
I'll probably even use Excel and make it look pretty.

Implementing the plan.  Well, that's a different story.

I stink at follow through.  I have grand ideas and then I get lazy, tired, distracted and I don't
follow through.  Next thing you know, there's nothing to eat and the house needs condemned.

I told you about how much Money Saving Mom's Makeover Your Mornings helped
me to get back on track.  I came up with morning and evening routines that work for me - not
just someone else's great idea from Pinterest.  I also sketched out a basic plan for how my day needs to run so that I actually do what I need to do. 

It's been over a month and it's still working well.  I think one of the reasons is this:

That's the monitor on my main computer in my living room.  Every time I log on, walk by or sit at the desk I can see my schedule.  It helps me to remember that my life runs smoother when I don't blow off my responsibilities on a regular basis. 
I found the idea at kaysepratt.com.  She had a wonderfully techy way to get your spreadsheet as your desktop background.  I tried.  It resulted in me making this face - a lot:
So I just snapped a picture of it with my phone and loaded it up that way.  Whatever.
It works.
I'm loving it! 


1 comment:

Selena Campbell said...

"I stink at follow through. I have grand ideas and then I get lazy, tired, distracted and I don't follow through. Next thing you know, there's nothing to eat and the house needs condemned."

Oh, how I can relate. This is a big reason why I haven't posted anything to my blog for a while. Every time I go to write something, I sound so whiny I annoy myself. Or 70 million things I should be doing are ringing in my head.

Thanks for keepin' it real.

Also, love your new blog header! Sooo cute! :)