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17 September 2015

How I became Mrs. Utt.

Ronnie & I will celebrate fifteen years of marriage in December. 

Man, do I love that guy.

Funny enough, it didn't start out that way. 

We actually were friends.  Well, if you go back far enough, it turns out we went to high school together.  But since I was the talkative, loved socializing type and he was more the quiet, I'd rather be in the woods type we never met. 

Fast forward almost ten years later:  I had returned to church and there was group of people all around my age that were single so we tended to congregate together.  Ronnie was also part of this group.  We spent time going to concerts, movies, picnics and hanging out at Shoney's after every Sunday night service.  Don't laugh.  Shoney's was the place to be on a Sunday night. 

A few years had passed and I was working in the cath lab with some great folks.  I decided to have a Christmas party at my house and invited a bunch of friends.  Of course, Ronnie was there and my friend Steve from work came with his wife Debbie.  That Monday at work, Steve was questioning me all about Ronnie - what a nice guy he was, was he single - trying to play matchmaker.  I told Steve that Ronnie & I were just friends and would stay that way.  Steve let it drop then but would randomly ask about Ronnie over the next several months. 

The following Summer, my hot water tank went out at my home.  Ronnie offered to fix it for me.  He had to come up to the hospital to get my card so he could pick one up at Lowes.  Of course, his biggest fan Steve saw him and started right back in on his Ronnie campaign.

A few days passed and Ronnie was having trouble replacing my hot water tank.  It still wasn't fixed.  Steve really amped up his campaign.  Every break we had, I had to hear about the awesomeness of Ronnie.

I remember telling him, "Listen.  God is not up there worried about me being single.  If God wants me to date Ronnie Utt, God will tell me to date Ronnie Utt - not you!".

He replied, "Well, maybe He's using me to tell you."

And in all my compassion, I answered back, "Well, he used a jackass to tell Balaam so I guess he could use you!"

Ronnie was at my house working that day but before I headed there I stopped at my Nan's house to set up her medicines for the week.  My mom was there at that time and we were talking about the hot water tank and just what all was going on - basically a gab session.  My mom asks me why I don't go out with Ronnie. 

I already had to hear about this all the live long day from Steve - I didn't need to hear it again so I told her what I had told Steve, "God is not up there worried about me being single.  If God wants me to date Ronnie Utt, God will tell me to date Ronnie Utt"

My mom's response:  "Well, God used a jackass to tell Balaam, maybe he's using me."

I literally turned on my heal and left without saying a word.

When I arrived home Ronnie had finished replacing my hot water tank.  We talked for a while and as he was getting ready to leave, he turned to me and he asked me if I would pray and see if it would be God's will for us to date.  

I told him that after my day, I was fairly certain that answer was yes.

We were married within six months.

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE this story! I never knew how it all began......so happy for your happiness!
~Shannon Messenger