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14 September 2015

Finding extra money. Kinda.

Don't kill the messenger but Christmas really is just around the corner.

And as much as I love Christmas and all things faith, family and friends, I can get stressed out about money.  Actually, there's no "can get" about it.  I do get stressed.  And yes, logically I can say that it's not about the gifts - and I know it's not.  But I still want to knock it out of the park for my boys.  I want them to get what they want.  And no matter how hard I try no one has just given me money when I smiled sweetly at them.  Mostly they've just looked at me like I need to up my medication. 


Let me tell you about one of my tricks for this year.  And I have to give credit where credit it due - mostly because she reads my blog and will call me on it if I don't.  This idea came from the brilliant mind of Kerry.  She told me about it during Kidz Camp and I've been doing it ever since.
It's the Walmart Savings Catcher.  Are you doing this?  It's easy.  Just download the app and scan your receipts.  Walmart compares your purchases with area competitors and if a lower price is found, they credit your account the difference.

I'm more of an Aldi's and Sam's Club girl but let's face it, eventually we all end up at Walmart.  Might as well get your money's worth.
I've been saving my Savings Catcher money to cash in for Christmas shopping.  It may be too late to get much of a balance built up this late in the year but remember that every little bit helps. 
My plan is to cash out around Thanksgiving and use my credit to lower my total when buying gift cards, wrapping paper or maybe even presents. 
Another easy way to save a little cash. 

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