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14 October 2015

There is nothing wrong with a homemade birthday cake!

Tis the season of birthday's around here.  Two of my kiddo's have birthdays within a month of each other.  Which brings me to today's thought: 

There is nothing wrong with a homemade birthday cake!

Not every birthday requires a trip to the bakery.  Well, except mine.  I personally have much love for Linda's carrot cake from Cakes with a Personal Touch Plus.  It's the best cake ever.  And Ronnie isn't much of a baker. 

Anyway.....  I thought I'd give you a little peek at some of the cakes I've made for family and friends over the years.  I did take a beginner's cake decorating class with some girlfriends a few years ago, but most of what I make is easily copied, found on Pinterest, or purchased on Ebay in regards to the icing sheets.  It's another easy way to have a great party, feed a truckload of guests and not break the bank.


Pumpkin Bundt cake for baby shower.

Candy Cake.


Baseball cake.

Dora cake for Hannah.

Ice cream cake.

Frog cupcakes for church.

Mickey Mouse cupcakes.

Donut cake.
Superhero Squad.

Angry Bird cupcakes

Our Minion Army.

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