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20 November 2016

Broccoli Cheese Noodle Soup

It's hunting week and I just got two of my boys back home from deer camp. 

In the same clothes they left in. 

Three days ago.

If my washer could talk, well, she'd probably cry right now.

Anywho.  I am taking advantage of the first snow and the absence of my dear lactose intolerant hubs to make one of my favorite soups.

This recipe comes from the Haught's Chapel cookbook that my Nan had for years.  I'm talking decades.  You know it's a good cookbook when it's stained and falling apart. 

This soup recipe originated with Sherry Haught, who is my cousin.  My second cousin.  My mom's cousin's wife.  I've never been great with math or genealogy but suffice to say, we're related.  She was an awesome cook and this is my favorite recipe of hers by far.

Here's what you'll need:

1/4 cup butter
1 c. diced onion
1 c. diced carrots

Saute together in large stockpot

6 c. water
5 chicken bouillon cubes
2 tsp pepper
1 tsp garlic powder

Add to stock pot and bring to a boil

4 c. thin uncooked noodles
2 packages of frozen chopped broccoli

Add, then cook until noodles are almost done.  Stir in about 1 1/2 to 2 pounds American cheese.  Velveeta works great.  Stir until cheese melts, then add 6 cups of milk.  Heat until hot enough to eat.  Total cooking time is about 30 minutes. 

If you really want to be a dinner rock star, make some rolls to go with it.

A total hit.  Unless you're lactose intolerant.  (Sorry Ronnie).

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