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08 May 2011

Happy Mother's Day

The web is full right now of great, inspirational stories of all the wonderful things moms do. Trust me, I know. Having the privilege to be Joshua, John & Josiah's mom is truly a blessing I never thought I would have. I can remember very clearly several Mother's Day's prior to their arrival. It was a dreaded experience. I hated the commercials, the cards, and especially the church service. I finally stopped attending church on Mother's Day because it was too painful. You see, everyone else was celebrating having what I wanted so very badly, but couldn't have - for reasons only God knows. And yes, I was eventually able to carry 3 healthy full term baby boys, but I still remember how it felt. So would you join me in something that might be a little different for you this year? In the midst of celebrating all things Mom, take a moment and ask God to comfort those who are struggling with infertility, uncertain pregnancies or loss.

We may never know why we go through difficult times, but we can be certain that we have a God that is with us every step of the way.

Happy Mother's Day.

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