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11 May 2011

It's Garden Time.

I ran into my former Nursing instructor from 1990 at Freed's today.  I was schlepping through with the boys and a double decker flat wagon full of lettuce, tomatoes, broccoli and all kinds of wonderful vegetables.  After a nice little chat, while the boys played in the rocks & mud, we went our separate ways.  I giggled to myself, wondering what she thought.  Then I wondered what my 20+ years ago self would think about my semi-granola life.  I/She would probably say "What happened to your hair?  Whose kids are those throwing rocks?  Why are you buying plants instead of shoes?"  Change is good - including loosing my old Aqua Net infused hairstyle from 1990. 
Our regular plant guy is not well this year so I went to Freed's for our plants.  A little pricier than usual, but still well worth it.  Here's the rundown of what I got today.
1 flat Roma tomatoes
1/2 flat  Better Boys
1 6 pack each pink tomatoes, stripey's and yellow.
1 flat various peppers - green, yellow,red and jalapenos
1/2 flat lettuce, butter crunch & a leaf variety
1 flat strawberries
1 flat broccoli
50 sweet potato plants
I also bought a few of each of the following
pickling cucumbers
yellow watermelon
flat leaf basil
curled parsley
We have seed leftover from last year for our beans, zucchini, corn, and pumpkin.  Speedway Market took care of our seed potatoes and sunflower seeds.
I'm excited to try the different tomatoes this year.
Is there anything better than getting your dinner straight from the garden on a summer evening?
I didn't think so.
I'm off to plant sweet potatoes!

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