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03 September 2011

Pittsburgh Zoo Love.

I love the Pittsburgh Zoo. 

I love spur of the moment.

What better than a spur of the moment trip to the Pittsburgh Zoo.

Ronnie & I decided to take the boys to the zoo Sunday afternoon.  We've always gotten up and headed out on our trips bright and early, but this time we didn't get there until a little before 3pm.  You know what?  It was great.

We splurged for the train to make up walking time.  The boys loved the train. 

We decided to ride the train to the aquarium and walk from there.  The boys really wanted to see the polar bears.  And the penguins.

John's favorite part was the underwater shark tunnel (as always). 

My favorite part was watching the sea lions while Ronnie reminded the boys (and all the small children and parents surrounding us at the exhibit) what we saw happen to the sea lions when we watched shark week on TV.  In detail. 

I quickly moved us on before a mob formed.

Ronnie was proud of me for letting the boys go through the kangaroo yard.  I've never let them do it before.  Laugh if you must, but I watch America's Funniest Home Video's.  I've seen lots of kangaroos kicking little kids.  I secretly think their not as sweet and cute as they look.  It's OK, I know I'm also a little weird.  I can admit it. 

Our favorite non-animal thing to do at the zoo is to ride the little scooters.  They have so much fun.  This year, Josiah was able to make it move on his own.

One final picture:

There has been a peacock on the roof of the aquarium every single time we have gone to the zoo. 

Has anyone else noticed this?  Crazy peacock.

All in all, a great zoo trip.


Selena said...

Charli, I feel the same about the kangaroos, so you are not weird. And, that peacock was there when we visited the zoo, too! Funny bird. :)

Charli said...

What is with that crazy bird?

Rachel E. said...

What a great trip! We recently enjoyed a day at Lazienki Park here in Poland. We saw peacocks in the trees. I had one of my duh moments when I asked my friend how they got their. Yes! Like I said, duh moment.

We went to Kentucky Down Under and walked through the kangaroo exhibit. The kids had fun.