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25 January 2012

Pintervention: Week 1

Obsession.  Addiction.  Oh my, such strong words.

Let's call it an "issue".  Yes.  I may have a Pinterst "issue".  I've come to this conclusion based on the following items:
        1.  I now have 850 some pins.
        2.  Pinterest has become part of my morning routine. 
                    Ronnie to work.  Coffee & devotions.  Email.  FB.  Pinterest.
        3.  I now set a 15 minute timer when I get on Pinterest to limit myself.
        4.  I reference "pins" in normal conversation. 

On the flip side, I have to give credit to Pinterest for so many great ideas. 
         English Muffins, plug in refills, foaming hand soap, laundry & dishwasher detergent.  I've also found the best recipe for pancakes that's now a favorite. 

I've decided that I'm going to start a weekly update of what I've done from Pinterest.

Here's today's:
DIY Cash Envelopes from todaysnest.com.

This was actually a great project.  I just downloaded the template and printed it out on pretty scrapbook paper that I already had.  Next, cut them out and secure them with glue or tape (I used both).  Easy peasy.

Here's my version:

Sorry for the picture quality.  My battery on my D90 is dead.  I had to use my IPod.  I think you can still get the gist of it.  I love them.  They are tucked away in the side of my planner pocket.  As I use the cash, I put the receipt in the envelope until I have time to jot it down. 

And really, they're just too cute.  So much better than plain old envelopes.

Dave Ramsey would be so proud.


Maria said...

CUTE!!! I'm glad you are still pinning. Especially since I am not...I can still get some good ideas! ;) Moderation is everything!

Charli said...

Thanks Maria! At least this way I can justify my Pinterest love, right?

Rachel E. said...

These are so cute! I love the idea. We always use our credit card and pay it off in the full at the end of the month. We never use it if we don't have money. I think it is the same principle. You can't spend what you don't have. We have been sort of lax with our budget since being over seas. Now that we are planning to move back to the US, Virginia to be exact, it's time to buckle down and be more diligent.

Charli said...

Good for you. I'm not at all that disciplined. We paid off a massive amount of debt seven years ago using the cash only system - of course that was also when I worked full time and we only had Josh. I still think it's a good system, and I really do like my pretty envelopes. Just think, when you move to VA, we'll almost be neighbors.

Rachel E. said...

I thought about that already. I would love to meet you all.