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19 March 2012

Not Menu Plan Monday.

Welcome to not my menu plan Monday. 
Why, you ask?  Good question.  I'm not entirely sure what I'm doing this week either.

I went to a fantastic class over at Health Naturally on Thursday and it's made me think about what we eat as a family. 

I'm always spouting off about growing our own veggies and raising our own cow, but I also have no problem bribing my kiddos with donuts if they'll stay in their beds at night.  Basically, I'm feeling a little conflicted over the amount of junk they eat.  And let's be real, if I'm concerned about them eating it - Ronnie & I shouldn't be eating it either. 

So, I'm in the process of trying something a little different.  A less processed lifestyle.

Basically, if my food is being processed, I want to be the one doing it.  Making it in my kitchen. 

I don't know how or if this is going to work.  I'm also not going to say that we will only strictly eat whole foods.  I know it's going to take some preparation from me and some change from all of us.  If I can have us eating great food 80% of the time, I think I can handle 20% not so great food choices.

So, other than the fact that I'm having roasted chicken with potatoes & carrots for dinner, I have no idea what I'm doing yet for the rest of the week. 

Today is also going to be my baking day.  Here's my plan:
English Muffins - these I know are great.
Bread machine wheat bread  - nothing new here.
Black bean brownies - my only reason for trying these is that I've not made anything off this site that hasn't been really good.
Hot fudge Lara bars - hopefully these really do taste great.  I'm hoping to get two boys off of Miralax by sneaking some prunes in these and giving them as their morning treat instead of a donut. 

I'll let you know how this goes........


Do Not Disturb Blog said...

Now you are talking my language. We are mostly wholefoods in our house as well. Would love to buy honey off of you if you have enough extra this year. (hint, hint)

Anyway, it is a lifestyle that certainly requires extra work but I believe it is worth it. I don't ferment anything as of now but could see myself doing it at some point.


Rachel E. said...

I am definitely going to try the brownies. I have heard of them before but never tried them. I am for it! Oh, and don't be so hard on yourself. I have been know to do a little bribing as well. While it might not be the best choice, I think our sanity is important to maintain.

Charli said...

The beans are cooking as we speak. I'm making them for dessert tonight. I really do think they'll be good, even if there not our "usual". I have yet to try any recipe from that site that wasn't good.

Charli said...

Ronnie has his bee meeting this week and it going to ask about renting an extractor for the honey. He thinks he may have almost 40 pounds! WooHoo! I should be able to hook you up.
I'm waiting to get some Kefir grains to try making kefir. I've heard it's much easier to make then yogurt.
BTW, most interesting thing I learned at the class - you should soak your oats overnight before making oatmeal. I had no idea, but my grandma said she remembers doing that when they were growing up.

Barb said...

We also try to do as much whole foods as we can. Sometimes it can be overwhelming to do everything. Especially if mom is sick. We also make our own herbal medicine, which is much, much cheaper than Health Naturally (capsules and liquid). I think somewhere there is a balance between the two. Homeshooling moms with little children can be overwhelming some days. Somedays I thank God for cereal. Good luck with the new menus.