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16 March 2012

Random things on a Friday.

Random thing 1.

  My baby John never forgets to bring me flowers....or a big patch of weeds.  Love that sweet kiddo.

Random thing 2.
Do you see that block of cheese?  That giant 5 pound block of cheese?  I bought that today for $15 at Walmart.  It was cheaper per ounce than the smaller blocks.  I hate
pre-shredded cheese.  It's coated in some kind of stuff to keep it from sticking together.  I also think that it doesn't melt as nicely.  And really, it's not that big a deal to shred a little cheese when you need it.   Now, I won't need to buy cheese for a while.

Random thing 3.
I bought a total of 4 chickens at Save a Lot for under $22.  They're on sale for $0.89/pound.  I can get at least 2 meals per chicken, 3 each if I do all casseroles.  That's just pretty fantastic.  Oh, and don't forget to throw the bones in the crockpot, add your leftover past their prime veggies and cover with water.  Cook for 12-24 hours on low and you'll  have homemade stock.  You can either can it or freeze it.  (I keep a baggie in the freezer to add all the useless veggie ends - onions, carrots, celery - then throw them in the crock for stock). 

Random thing 4.....my personal favorite.
You've read about our storage unit escapades before.  Tonight I received a call from a gentleman who needed to know what he owed on his unit.  He hadn't been able to pay for the past couple of months, as he was unfortunately incarcerated.  This has happened before, at least he had the decency to call and make arrangements for payment.  The best part of the call was when he told me he was looking to move to Clarksburg, because everytime he comes to Fairmont, he ends up going to jail.  He asked me how we can live here.  I replied "Well, we do OK.  We just, you know.....don't break the law." 

Seriously.  You can't make this stuff up.


Do Not Disturb Blog said...

Priceless quote to your renter. Apparently we do ok too. That or we don't get out enough!

I am a big fan of chickens, leftovers and then chicken stock too. Also, I tried a variation of your meatloaf recipe (hubby can't have everything listed) and it turned out great. Love following your blog and since we are law abiding Fairmont citizens maybe we should meet IRL rather than keep at this blog stalking thing.


Charli said...

I would love that! Email me at uttopia904(at)aol(dot)com and we'll set it up!

Selena said...

I wish I had a freezer big enough for me to put four chickens in...(little pity-party violins playing in background).

Rachel E. said...

We just don't break the law...that's funny.

I also don't like pre-shredded cheese for the same reason. Yucky powder.

We can't feed our family with one chicken, but I will say I will start saving my trimmings for soup. Yummy!

Charli said...

I works great. I haven't bought chicken stock in over 2 years.

Rachel E. said...

That's super! I have some in the freezer and I keep forgetting to use it. :-)