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24 May 2012

Summer Fun School.

I mean, it has to be fun, right?  It has fun in the name!

Yep, my kids still gave me a blank stare when I told them what we would be doing this summer.   I'm sure if I had said we were spending the summer playing the wii and swimming there would have been cheers of joy through out the land. 

But it actually is a lot of fun.

We'll be doing our usual Horizons math, but I have a couple of summer ideas. 

First, we're starting on chapter books.  We read the book then follow with the movie.  So far, we've finished the three Narnia's and Mr. Popper's Penguins.  We just started reading Peter Pan.  Other titles on my list include Treasure Island,  Charlotte's Web,  Because of Winn Dixie, Indian in the Cupboard and Wizard of Oz.  If you have any other suggestions of books with movies, let me know.  These are the titles available at out public library. 

Our other project will continue into the school year.  We're going to finish our Road Trip USA from Confessions of a Homeschooler.  It covers all 50 states with fun facts about each state.  It also incorporates US history as you go.  We started this last year, but it dropped to the wayside.  I think I was just too busy.  We really loved doing this.  The boys favorite part was making a recipe from each state.  We also have our postcards from this past year's postcard exchange.  I can't wait to start it.

See..... I told you it was Summer Fun!


Barb said...

Beware: Idian in the Cupboard has some language in it. I think it is our worst movie for it. Sounds fun what you are doing. I read History from books to the kids. It is much funner than text books. I think kids enjoy anything that their momma reads to them. It also gives you time to talk about new things they learn in the books, such as new words, the way the world was in the old days and dreams you have.

Selena said...

What's the post card exchange? That sounds fun. Is it part of the road trip?

Rachel said...

where the red fern grows is good

Maria said...

I think it's great to continue school in the summer, even if just for a couple of hours per day. I think I will do that when Liam is older. Altho we are still going to do some "preschooly" things this summer, but it's still considered fun...like playdoh. LOL. what I notice with my older kids in school is that they have to take a month to review what they learned the previous year after summer break. So good for you! It WILL be fun!! :)

Charli said...

I may change out Indian in the Cupboard for Where the Red Fern Grows. I was hoping for some good suggestions. Thanks!

Selena, the post card exchange was hosted by Erica at Confessions of a Homeschooler this Spring. We sent out 49 post cards, we recieved one post card back from each state. It was a lot of fun. And you know the boys loved getting mail for them. I have them all saved to review as we "go" to each state.

Megan@DoNotDisturb said...

Sounds like fun. I am still in the midst of planning an art unit and some geography fun. Thanks for sharing your plans.


Jennifer said...

I just read the book the Wizard of Oz last summer and was going to read it to the kids, but it is a little odd in some places, so I decided against it. It is A LOT different than the movie. I don't remember anything highly objectionable, but just weird! The original Boxcar Children series or the Little House on the Prairie series have good morals and simple plot lines overall. I have a bunch of Boxcar children books, if you wanted to borrow some.

Charli said...

Jennifer, I might just take you up on that. Since I haven't read the Wizard of Oz myself, I'll take that off the list for this summer. Thanks for the heads up.