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05 June 2012

Having the talk.

Well, not that talk. 

The Santa talk.

Let me start at the beginning. 

Ronnie & I have always had a difference of opinion about Santa.  I see no harm in it.  I celebrated with Santa and when the time came that I found out about him, it was no big deal for me.  I understood it, didn't really question anything and moved on.

Ronnie also grew up with Santa.  But when he found out, it made him question more than just Santa and the Easter Bunny.  He wondered if Jesus was real as well.  He said that he couldn't see Santa but was always told he was real.  How was Jesus different?  He actually struggled with this for a couple of years when he was a young boy. 

Needless to say, the first few Christmases after kids had a few tense moments over this subject.  We finally came to a compromise.  We wouldn't encourage or discourage Santa.  They would hear others talk about him and see him on TV, but if they ever asked us, we would tell them the truth.

This past Christmas, Josh was a little quiet when anyone would mention Santa.  I just had a feeling that he knew.  I asked him if there was anything he wanted to talk about, but he kept telling me no. 

Well, you know that momma's always know when somethings not right.  The day after Christmas, Josh asked me if Santa was real.  Now, Ronnie & I had the agreement that we would tell the truth, but I just couldn't come out with it.  It was like my baby was growing up too fast.  I stalled for time by asking him what he thought.  He then told me that he overheard two grown ups talking outside his Sunday School class and they said that he wasn't real.  He said he was pretty sure he wasn't real, but he was afraid to tell me before Christmas - he thought if he was wrong it would mean no presents for him.

At that point, Ronnie, Josh & I sat down and we explained about Saint Nicholas and where Santa came from and how it's really just a fun thing about Christmas.  We assured him that knowing would have no impact on his presents in the future.  We also stressed that while he may know the truth, it's not fair for him to tell others - whether his brothers or friends.  We told him that next year, when people ask him what Santa is going to bring him, he should just tell them what he wants.  No need to go into the rest of it. 

At the end of our talk, Josh happily went back to playing with his brothers, Ronnie was relieved and I felt like crying.  Yes, I took it the worst of all.  And while I wanted to just say "Oh no, he's real.  Don't worry about it.", I hope that Josh knows he can come to me with any questions - even ones I don't want to hear - and I'll do my best to be open and honest with him, and with all our boys. 

Hopefully the next two times will be easier.

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