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04 June 2012

Hey! Let's talk.

We do it all day, every day.  If you're like me, you may at times go on and on until you're even tired of hearing yourself.  I'm talking about talking here!

We communicate every single day.  With our spouse, our kids, friends, families, co-workers - every where we go. 

It's communication that actually started this little project.  I was talking with my friend Tracy, a fellow blogger and homeschooling momma to three bigger boys, when we came up with the idea of meeting with other Fairmont bloggers to share ideas and encourage one another.  I was all on board, thinking we could have a fun blog hop, maybe talking about organizing, decorating, saving money on groceries - something like that.  Nope.  That didn't happen.  Instead we chose to talk about communication.  Something that has made me actually sit down and think.  It's a good thing I like these girls. 

I'm going to be focusing on communicating with kids.  Please understand, I didn't choose this subject because I know everything there is to know about communicating with children.  At the end of most days I wonder if I know anything at all!  But, communicating with our kids is important.  I'm planning on sharing about our Santa conversation this year, encouraging friendship between siblings, how we're handling a friend who isn't a good influence and lots of other ideas.  I hope you'll check back over the next two weeks and see what's going on.

Oh, let me introduce you to the blog hop team before you go!

First up is Tracey from Building my House.  She is the mom to three boys as well, although her oldest just graduated high school.  She also tends to get me into schemes - like going to the midnight showing of Hunger Games even though I am an old lady who likes to be in bed by 10pm!

Next up, Kathleen blogs at Positive Adoption.   I used to think that Kathleen's family ran just like the VonTrapp's from Sound of Music.  I could just envision the whistle and curtain outfits every morning.  So perfect.  Turns out, she's just a regular mom with regular kids who are not always perfect.  (But she does still lean to the fantastic side!)

This next blogger makes me feel old.  I was her Jr. High Sunday School teacher.  Yikes!  Audrey blogs at Everything Beautiful as well as taking care of her growing family of twin boys...and one more on the way.  Ronnie tells me that I can't say "I just love that kid" about Audrey now that she has a family of her own, so I'll just say "I love that girl!".  How's that?

There are two other local bloggers in our group who aren't able to participate this time, but I love their blogs and want to share them. 

First up is Maria at Selah.  Maria and her husband are in the process of starting up a new business.  I remember those days, so exciting and slightly terrifying at the same time.

Next, is Megan, who I can now say is a friend instead of saying I stalk her blog.  Megan and her husband write a fantastic blog called Do Not Disturb.  I seriously love this blog.

I know this is a bit of a departure from my normal, chaotic blog - but I really hope you join us for this series. 

Talk to you tomorrow!


Maria said...

Oh I'm excited! I so need this! I'm definitely coming to our next meeting! Nothing keeping me away! :)

Megan@DoNotDisturb said...

Looking forward to reading what you have to say. But I want to remind you that I stalked your blog before mine was even created so it is nice to finally have met each other.


Audrey Simmons said...

I'm excited to read your posts! I'm having to continually adjust to communicating with my kids because I have so much practice communicating to boys as a sister instead of a mom-- there's much, much less pressure to be consistent or rational or wise when you're just the older sister!