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30 July 2012

Menu Plan Monday for July 30th.

This week, I am totally filled with butterflies.

 I'm leaving on Friday to go to the Women of Faith conference with some ladies from church.  On one hand, I'm super excited about having fun with my friends and seeing my girl Mandisa live, but I've also never left Ronnie & the boys home and gone away overnight.  I know I'll have fun, but if it crosses your mind, say a prayer for me.

Good thing this is a busy week.  I picked up an extra day of work at UHC this week, so I shouldn't have much time to dwell on leaving until it's actually time.  I also have two more big projects that I'm working on:  cleaning out the playroom and finishing the school room.  I know I said I was starting school last week, but after looking at our schedule I decided to wait until the week of the 13th.  Our schedule should be back to normal by then and I should be done with most of my canning. 

Here's this weeks menu:

Monday:  Foil tilapia, baked potatoes and green beans
Tuesday:  Roast chicken in a crock pot, corn and salad
Wednesday:  Eating out
Thursday:  Taco night
Friday:  Pizza
Saturday:  Leftovers
Sunday:  Family reunion

Kind of a sad little menu this week, but I need to have meals on Friday & Saturday that Ronnie can heat up without any problems.  Otherwise they'll probably exist on coco wheats and PB sandwiches, his speciality. 

Not that there's anything (too) wrong with that.

So, what's good at your house this week?

Don't forget to check out orgjunkie.com for more great ideas.


BerryMorins Bits & Tips said...

Just stopping by from Organizing Junkie's Menu Plan Monday!
Have a terrific time at the women's conference.
It looks like it's going to be in the low 100's but humid in Las Vegas today.
Chicken is below a $1 a lb in my area so I've stocked up. That's got me on a lookout for yummy chicken recipes.
Your menu plan looks delicious!
I hope you have a terrific week

Charli said...

Wow! Chicken below $1/# is awesome! You should check out my honey grilled chicken under "Tempt my tummy". It's one of our favorites. Thanks for stopping by.

Barb said...

Hey Charli, Could you pick up a couple of Mandisa CD's for me? I would like her two newest ones. 've been looking everywhere here for them and can't find them. Tim could pay Ronnie for them. I love her Morning song. If you can't, I would understand also.

Charli said...

Sure thing Barb. I'm planning on getting a t-shirt for myself. Her Good Morning song is my ringtone - it makes me happy everytime my cell rings.

Barb said...

Tim gave $30 to Ronnie today. I know sometimes they have specials at the conference. Get what you can. If I owe you when you get back, let me know. Thanks a bunch!