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01 August 2012

Our Kindergarten Cirriculum.

Let me preface this by saying that Josiah is just going to turn five in October.  I had absolutely no intention of starting Kindergarten with him until next year. 

Just one problem, he loves to sit and watch the other boys "do school".

Last year when I started working on Raising Rock Stars Preschool with him, he breezed through the whole program.  He already knew his shapes, ABC's and numbers.  He easily learned how to spell and write his name.  He must have been like a little sponge the past three years, just sitting there coloring, but all the while soaking up what his brothers were learning. 

I'm planning on giving Kindergarten a go with him this year.  And just like John last year, if he's not ready we'll just sit it to the side for a while. 

Here's the plan:

The Reading Lesson

Get Ready, Set, Go for the Code

 Language Lessons for Little Ones

Mathematical Reasoning K

Exploring Zoology 1

Cooking 101 for Kids

Road Trip USA


Stickfiguring through the Bible

Unlike the other boys, I'm not using Horizons for his math.  Not yet, anyway.  Horizons is an advanced math program and I had purchased this book last year for John, but it was too easy for him.  I'm going to start Josiah out with it and probably switch to Horizons mid year. 

I'm also not having him do the Great Artist's study.  I have no doubt he'll listen to the stories and do the projects, but this is already a lot of work for Kindergarten.  I don't want him overwhelmed with his first year.  If he wants to do it with us, fine.  If not, that's fine also. 

One last thing.  While this is the "plan" for Kindergarten, I'm not introducing all of it at the same time.  For us, it works better when we build up to a full day of school.  Otherwise, it's too overwhelming at his age.  I'll start by introducing Get Ready for the Code and Math for our one on one time for a couple of weeks instead of bombarding him with everything at once.  It's an approach I've used with the other boys and it's worked well for us. 

I'm so excited for school to start!

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